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Jewellery from Indian Arts Exposition Since 1911


Ring is a small ornamental hoop usually worn on finger or thumb, but it may be attached to the ear or the nose.

Finger rings made of bronze, gold, and silver from the period c.25001500 B.C. have been found in the Indus valley in India; in Egypt rings from c.1600 B.C. served as a symbol of status and were exchanged as a pledge or seal of faith.

The quality of merchandise at Indian Arts Exposition is unparalleled. The images displayed on our site are an accurate reflection of the jewelry, itself. Our diamond rings are authentic . Our claim is true--the diamonds, gemstones and precious metals on our site are both affordable and authentic.

As a Leading Retailer of Fine Jewelry, we offer a huge selection of engagement rings, anniversary rings, wedding rings, gemstone earrings, diamond studs, gold bracelets, gemstone and diamond rings, necklaces and pendants.

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